custom crm

Organize, administer, celebrate!

If you have the structure, you can be organized. If you are organized, you can be efficient. If you are effective, you can be successful. And when you’re successful, you only have to celebrate your moment of glory. Your business needs CustomCRM to take your business from a base structure to a great success in a simple and intelligent way. Then all you have to do is relax!

Project management and internal messaging

Custom CRM is specifically designed for an irreproachable management of all projects, based on the parameters you create for each project. Thus, the tasks, the people assigned to the project, the deadlines, and the progress will all be in one place. Also, the team spirit will be significantly improved in terms of communication and integration at the project level due to the intelligent internal messaging module of this platform.


Databases and relevant business information

Any company that respects themselves has a database in which it stores the most important information with which it operates. Therefore, it is vital that these data can be easily accessed for intelligent processing in any action your company takes. Custom CRM is designed to make your business intelligent and vital information such as customer and business partner contacts, document archiving, and contract and invoice processing are key information that you can access at any time in a single platform.

Automation and customization

To be effective, you need to simplify your routine tasks and resolve complex issues. That’s why Custom CRM offers you the ability to automate all the tasks that generally consume you a lot of time, such as creating contracts, sending bills and offers or budgeting. Everything can be integrated into a platform that you can customize to automate and streamline. It’s simple to use Custom CRM because it offers you the simplest solutions to the most complex issues!


Everything in one place!

We know you’re capable of multi-tasking. We know you like to always have control. But we also know you like to be effective. Efficiency is measured in the international system in tasks per hour, and if you want to win every race, you must have the right vehicle. And this vehicle is Custom CRM.

You do not have to do it all to be effective, but to have them all in one place. That’s exactly what CRM does! Take each operation with your customers, partners, and employees and do it automatically, so you do not do anything manually.


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