custom crm

Organize, administer, celebrate!

If you have the structure, you can be organized. If you are organized, you can be efficient. If you are effective, you can be successful. And when you’re successful, you only have to celebrate your moment of glory. Your business needs CustomCRM to take your business from a base structure to a great success in a simple and intelligent way. Then all you have to do is relax!

Exact needs, No more, No less

Preconfigured CRM solutions are designed to target most businesses. They are packed with all sorts of features and features that may not be relevant to your business.
With a customized solution, you get exactly what you want without anything that will make it hard for you to gesture your software.

Using a custom platform, you can automate multiple departments in your business, from sales to customer service to technical assistance. Daily operations can work more efficiently when the system is integrated into multiple departments, the real performance of the platform is its ability to expand as new needs are recognized.

Better integration regarding your operations

Forget outrageous prices

Most CRM solutions are priced at market price per user, and this model does not match the reality in which most companies have varied needs for use in different groups. You do not have to worry about this, our pricing model is based on use instead of the user, giving you additional control over the number of employees to be included at no extra cost.

A personalized CRM system is an incredibly valuable asset, which is usually the center of many procedures across the organization. All departments are empowered to easily create applications based on the same database. Examples include a reception system, an event management application for the marketing team or a management contract database.

Applied to different departments

Communicate efficiently

Team spirit is fueled by effective communication. Converse with the team!

Mark down the best ideas

Give up your physical agenda or scrappy notes. Note everything in your CRM!

Automate your work

Do not waste any precious time! Let CustomCRM automate your routine processes.

Do not miss anything!

When it comes to offers, any detail matters. Never overlook anything again!

Everything at your fingertips

When you want to do business, everything has to be accessible. CustomCRM puts all your cards on the table.

Choose only what matters

We did not call it CustomCRM for nothing. Personalize every function you need!

Organization and structure

When you are organized, you are most efficient. CustomCRM gives you the structure for your entire business!


Don`t forget to relax. This is the ultimate advantage CustomCRM offers!


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